Who We Are

Annika Sundbom Åström is a well-renowned authority in leadership, emotional communication and personal growth thanks to her unique method and extensive experience. Her leadership development method implies always taking full responsibility for her projections in relation to those that she leads and their goals. It also implies leveraging great self-awareness, herself creating and expanding on the mental, emotional and physical experiences of peace to educate the participants to do the same. She has lead several societal development projects, trained and developed over 400 leaders in the private sector since 2003 within the framework of her own company Human Dignity. She has als worked with group- and leadership development at the Swedish Permanent Mission to the UN in 2011. Annika’s courses receive high grades in evaluations, for example, for the total experience (8,5/9), the pedagogics (8,5/9) and the course leader (9/9). She also practices her leadership development in her private life  as a mother of five, four of which are adopted, paving the way for confident and unique personalities by developing herself and the love in her marriage. Annika has authored the book ”Duktig eller Död, en ledares självbekännelse eller jakten på självkärlek” (2012), which has recently been translated into English ”Do or Die, Confessions of a Leader or The Pursuit of Self Love” (2017). She has a background as an ICU nurse and she has been an instructor in crisis medicine and war medicine within the Swedish Defence.

Mathilda Lindgren has over nine years of research experience with a doctor degree in conflict resolution from the Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University. Her dissertation, ”Peacemaking Up Close: Explaining the Mediator Styles of International Mediators” (2016), is one of the first, cutting edge studies on mediator styles of international mediators in armed conflicts. The book explains variations in mediator styles based on evidence from interviews and surveys with over 200 international mediators at various peacemaking organisations such as, for example, the United Nations, the European Union, the African Union and non-governmental organisations like Crisis Management Initiative. Mathilda has taught at Uppsala University and the Swedish Defence College; been a guest researcher at New York University and a member of the Folke Bernadotte Academy’s Research Group on Conflict Prevention. Mathilda is also a skilful communicator and project leader bringing people together in new relationships and collaborations. She has also, in parallel to her research, extensive experience as an artist, singer and composer.