Society Development and Research

Society Development and Research
Initiatives, projects and programs departing from the needs of your society and combining leadership development with systematic peace research.

–”If those who lead the society do not feel the goal, others cannot feel it either.  The only way to manage such a situation is to not feel, because we are all connected. If those leading the society do not know the goal, the others cannot get passed the experiences of the leaders… Then they have to bypass the leadership… or, alternatively, turn off their feelings.” / Annika Sundbom Åström

–”So the feeling of the goal is the most important. The more abstract and the more comprehensive and higher up it is, the more open you become to creating something new. This is what the world needs.” / Annika Sundbom Åström

When societies are lead by responsible, secure and aware leders who anchor comprehensive goals and create a feeling of community with all through their leadership, this also lays the decisive foundation for human growth and development––locally (e.g. through the municipality), nationally (e.g. through the government), and regionally and internationally (e.g. through the inter-governmental organisation).

Method and Setup
In society development and peace research initiatives Annika Sundbom Åström develops formal and informal leaders in individual sessions, group sessions, special trainings and educations or a combination of all three in order to allow the leaders to actively and with awareness create space for their own and their followers’ free growth. In parallel to this, Mathilda Lindgren systematically studies the processes and effects using high-quality research designs and methods. In this way we create both effect and understanding for the participating leaders, their constituents and the rest of the world.

The price varies depending on the goal, work and the result that we create for each unique initiative. We love creating as large an effect as possible with maximally concentrated input for all parties involved. Most important is always the result.

–”I am confident that our joint initiative will create leaders in Nepal who have bonds of trust and insights into others feeling and thinking – moving towards participatory and collaborative leadership  for equal Nepal.” Prakash Mani Sharma, Executive Chair for the NGO Pro Public (Kathmandu, Nepal) and initiator of the joint project ”Equal Local Leadership for Peace in Nepal” (2018–19)