Our Work

We expand your leadership using our complementary passions and expertise in Annika Sundbom Åström’s leadership development and Mathilda Lindgren’s peace research.

How we work? It depends on the type of results you want to achieve and the type of service we provide. For work involving individual or group development, we usually work along the lines of below set up and always with responsibility for effectively producing comprehensive and tangible results.

Leadership Developer Annika Sundbom Åström takes the lead for catalyzing your development using her unique conscious and responsible leadership.

First, she does this with her own development during the critical phase of preparing for your interactions so that she knows what it feels like when you achieve your goals with the development, takes full responsibility for assisting you in getting there, and loves you more than you initially love yourself so that the peaceful and valuation-free relationship between her and you allows you to expand.

Second, and during your interactions, she assists you in resolving eventual conflictual relationships into peaceful ones, in creating new direction through comprehensive and emotionally anchored goals, and in developing your awareness of and skills in the key elements to the self-sustaining conscious and responsible leadership, namely mentally, emotionally and physically congruent goals and relationships.

Third, and finally, she continues to follow your development during a follow-up period, providing further guidance and development in relation to new experiences in your life so that your developments are further anchored and your leadership becomes even more self-sustaining

Peace Researcher Mathilda Lindgren (PhD) takes the lead for documenting your development using her interactive peace research.

First, she helps you map out your (and your system’s) current state of leadership, relationships, goals and wellbeing using multi-method approaches combining interviews with surveys, film, drawings etc, to shed light on your base-line point of reference before interacting face-to-face with Sundbom Åström.

Second, she documents the entire process of your interaction with Sundbom Åström, by either directly transcribing your dialogue into written documentation or audio-visually recording your sessions into film and sharing all material with you.

Third, she follows up on your development both immediately after and also later in time to  produce a comparison point, which allows you to make your own analysis of how your leadership (and your system) has developed.

Lindgren also and finally invites you to invest in a larger research project for peacemaking by contributing to her research with your documentation, given your explicit and formally agreed to consent.