Research & Publications

–”If we want to understand conflict, peace and development we have a lot to learn from studying the quality of relations, leadership and human communication.”

Mathilda Lindgren

The center’s applied research, under the leadership of Mathilda Lindgren, explores the relationship between leadership and development in different contexts and levels of analysis. We focus on the essence of the conscious responsible leadership, which is developed and taught by Annika Sundbom Åström, sharing the results directly with our customers and the interested public.


  • ”Duktig eller Död: En ledares självbekännelse eller Jakten på Självkärlek” (2012) Annika Sundbom Åström [book]
  • ”Peacemaking Up Close: Explaining Mediator Styles of International Mediators” (2016) Mathilda Lindgren [dissertation]
  • ”Do or Die: Confessions of a Leader or The Pursuit of Self Love” (2017) Annika Sundbom Åström [book]
  • ”The Conscious Responsible Leadership” [Eng] / ”Det medvetna ansvarsfulla ledarskapet” [Swe] Mathilda Lindgren [research report, to be released in May 2019]