Organisational, Business and Group Development

Organisational, Business and Group Development
Tailored assignments producing effective solutions for organisations, businesses and other groups.

–”It is so wonderful how when one becomes happy all becomes happy. This is how the world works. When I am happy, everyone is happy.” / Annika Sundbom Åström

Depending in your specific needs and desires, investing in developing the leadership and the group of your organisation, business, family or other group context can give you:

  • A more self-evident, clear shared goal that facilitates further individual and common development and economic, social, psychological growth
  • Conflict-free, trusting and appreciative relations among the members of the organisation, business or group
  • More efficient ways of communicating, saving time on meetings, documentation and oversight
  • Sustainable ways to continue developing the organisation, business or group as the landscape changes and new development opportunities emerge
  • Faster, more effective and long-term responsibly results in your work
  • Quality control of the assignment through systematic evaluation and documentation

Method and Setup
Clients who ask for our help often have a specific challenges in mind that they want to solve. Here we first make sure to analyse and identify the core of the challenge, a core that sometimes may turn out to relate to something different than what originally spurred the client to make contact. This analytical mapping can also be ordered on its own, without the following solution-oriented steps.  Given that the client wants to solve the problem and once the initial internal and external analysis is done, Mathilda helps the group measure  relevant parameters for the mission before and after Annika guides the leaders and members of the group in developing their work in relation to more comprehensive goals and freer relations. Finally and often we also include a follow-up segment to secure long-term results and provide support for eventual new, emerging challenges. Clients who want to take part of the documented process in writing or film, receive a written evaluation report or even a more comprehensive research study, are welcome to include this in the order.

The price varies depending on the goal, work and the result that we create for each unique initiative. We love creating as large an effect as possible with maximally concentrated input for all parties involved. Most important is always the result.