Master Course in Revolutionary Leadership


18–24 March + 24 April 2019


  • see your own and other’s images and emotionally communicate on multiple levels,
  • lead with joyful will as a driving force,
  • like and take responsibility for your own projections,
  • develop a consciousness about how you are the one creating your results, and
  • create new, more comprehensive realities that benefit yourself and many, many more.
  • Learn the basic recipe for how we create peace, community, development and financial growth.

18–24 March 2019, 7 course days at Human Dignity’s offices in Sollefteå, Sweden

24 April 2019, 1 day follow-up and anchoring online

8 persons with a strong passion, with or without a leadership position

96 000 SEK excluding VAT, payment by invoice before/at course start
* 10% discount if you book your spot before 31 December 2018.


  • Registration and agreement at least one week before start.
  • Introductory meeting online (about 1–2 hours) to determine a goal, development potentials, desires and opportunities.
  • 7 course days of development and education in Sollefteå and 1 online, each focusing on developing your revolutionary leadership based on your unique dreams and potentials in a blend of practical and theoretical.
  • All course material is created live during the course days through transcribed notes, each participant’s development is systematically documented before, during and after the course and the produced material is delivered to each participant about two weeks after ended course.
  • One massage session for an evening during the course week.
  • Dinner party Friday night and morning and afternoon ”fika” (Swedish coffe/tea/sweets break) included.
  • Follow-up interview after course end.

Based on Annika Sundbom Åström’s over 15 year long experience of leadership development and Mathilda Lindgren’s research for the past year of over 40 of Annika’s leadership development processes, we know that you can develop the following, if you want to:

  1. The ability to create new emotional realities/systems through comprehensive, emotionally anchored goals and loving, free relationships, so that many, many more choose to follow and develop in your leadership.
  2. An advanced mental, emotional and physical communication––all of which are required for the creation of new experienced realities.
  3. The ability to resolve your valuations and emotional connections that create your experienced, limiting realities and through this create new, more comprehensive realities mentally, emotionally and physically in your relationships internally with yourself and externally with others.
  4. An increased joyful will in taking responsibility for development, decreased fear of your own and others’ feelings (conflicts) and increased experienced inner calmness, harmony and joy (peace).
  5. A more independent, responsible and loving leadership where you own yourself and trust your and others’ ability to create and through this feel better mentally, emotionally and physically in your body.
  6. New perspectives and convictions concerning human development that catalyse your continued development as leader for greater, more free and loving global contexts.

Leadership Developer Annika Sundbom Åström leads the course and develops you based on your unique abilities and potentials, Peace Researcher Mathilda Lindgren documents your development for your benefit.

Annika Sundbom Åström creates the results of the course and your development in her preparatory work by developing herself as a leader in relation to the group and by anchoring goals for each individual participant, the course and the group as a whole. She also takes full responsibility for her projections and creates a loving, free relationship to you, free from valuations of all that you are and can be. These two parts constitute the core of the revolutionary leadership that you will develop. The leader’s responsibility is the important essence. Sundbom Åström therefore leads the group in the same way as you learn to lead yourselves and others.

The course days are led by Sundbom Åström and are created together with you and the other course participants based on your development potential and visions, both in practical work and theoretical insights so that you can own and understand the revolutionary leadership. The same setup applies to all course days in Sollefteå and the follow-up course day, where you also get to further expand your leadership in your professional and private systems and expand your emotional communication, independent of geographic position.

Mathilda Lindgren follows you and documents your development before, during and after through interviews, film and other ways to capture the essence of your development. Lindgren also creates the course material live by directly transcribing all dialogue (30-50 pages/day), picking out central quotes and producing an ex-post schedule. All this documentation will be delivered to you after the course, for further perspectives on your development and deepened insights.

The course has in total 8 spots filled according to the principle ”first come, first serve”, latest one week before the starts. Registration is binding, but not personal. If you are interested, get in touch with us for more information. At registration you receive a booking confirmation that also serves as an agreement.

We gladly help you with booking of travel, accommodation and eventual VISA alternatives.

Annika Sundbom Åström, Leadership Developer
+46 (0) 70-653 21 49

Mathilda Lindgren, Peace Researcher (PhD)
+46 (0) 70-478 86 03