Lectures and Workshops

Lectures and Workshops
Learn more about peace leadership, peace research and their results through experience and understanding.

Regardless of the format, lecture or workshop, we always work based on creating results, which implies fitting the theoretical insights onto direct mental, emotional and bodily experiences and documenting and showing you your development––together this helps create anchored insights with the audience and participants. We bring you on a journey where you both feel and understand what conflict and peace is and can be.

Method and Setup
Each lecture or workshop departs from our combined and complementary expertise in practical and theoretical leadership development and peace research. Identifying, understanding and solving conflicts, and actively creating and studying peace is what we know best so this is always our starting point. Our expertise is also related to the experiences and desires of the audience and participants as well as the work of other peace researchers and thinkers.

We tailor each lecture or workshop to your desires and needs, finding the best solution for what we want to achieve together. Examples of previous talks and workshops:

  • ”Let’s Talk About Peace, Baby! Från FNs Säkerhetsråd till din familj” (Lecture at Uppsala Stadsteater, 2017, Swedish)
  • ”Låt oss ta ledarskap för fred” (Workshop at Rörstrands Slott, 2017, Swedish)

Lecture: 30 000 SEK excl. VAT + travel & accommodation costs
Workshop: 30 000 SEK excl. VAT + travel & accommodation costs
Workshop (full day): 45 000 SEK excl. VAT + travel & accommodation costs