Leadership Development

Find your desired service among our selection below or reach out to us directly and let us find a special solution for you.

Individual Sessions
We come to you or you come to us, to our ”Residency” in Sollefteå, Sweden.
For 2-3 hours, a half or a full day of leadership development  including preparations and follow-up.  Single occasional sessions or series of sessions.

We are open for all type of challenges and we decide the  result before start, working with leaders in every context, from informal individuals to formal presidents.

You can get the whole session transscribed, and we can follow your development as a leader and the effect in your context, wether it is in your family, business or society.

We travel for missions all over the world.

Business/Organizational Development
Small to large development projects involving both leadership and group development with concomitant research studies.

Lectures & Workshops
Our own, open or private, bookable lectures or workshops on leadership, development and growth.

Courses & Trainings

  • Our own, open courses for leaders. More information for 2019 soon to come!
  • Bookable, private trainings for companies, organisations, associations, societies and others
  • Our own, open courses for certification of Human Dignity leadership developers (to come)

Analytical Assignments

  • Development potential analysis
  • Research studies
  • Invited publications (articles, commentaries, etc)

Longer-term mentorship programs tailored to your needs and desires.

Societal Projects
Larger societal development and research projects on either our own initiative or external invitations, engaging and involving leaders of multiple sectors for long-term sustainable growth and development.