Individual Leadership Development

Individual Leadership Development
Private sessions where you develop your leadership mentally, emotionally and physically.

–”The funny thing about personal development is that it relates to two things: relations to one self and to one’s context, as well as relations to goals. If we get to the core of it all, it is really very simple. And relations build on feelings… Without feelings there are no relations.” / Annika Sundbom Åström

Depending on your desires and needs, because each session departs from what you as individual leader want and require, the leadership development can result in that you both professionally and privately:

  • Identify and anchor personal goals that are beneficial both to your professional and private life and that is in line with your passion.
  • Solve existing small or large conflicts or troubles in relation to certain individuals, groups, situations or contexts. This gives you close and free relationships that take no energy or focus.
  • Deepen your self-esteem, self-trust, sense of security and safety, stability, creativity and clarity as leader, with more opportunities to choose freely between steadfastness and flexibility.
  • Increase your physical health, such as, for example, becoming free from or reducing pain. Understand and resolve mental, emotional and physical connections to psychological and physical diseases or other limitations.

Method and Setup
Phase 1:
Each session begins with a talk with Annika Sundbom Åström where you together identify what you want to achieve. As soon as you have decided to work together, Sundbom Åström starts to relate to you and develop a goal for the session and herself in relation to you, preparing for the session by when she both has to and will be loving you and what you can become more than what you love yourself––the key to long-term development. This implies that the work starts already in the important mental, emotional and physical preparations of Sundbom Åström. Immediately after booking a session Mathilda Lindgren assists you in mapping your current status through a telephone interview––an interview that she also will follow-up on after the session.

Phase 2: The leadership development session (full or half day) is lead by Sundbom Åström and the effects of her work are both experienced and anchored directly in the moment in each client. This gives you greater freedom, many more choices and a deeper sense of harmony. Achieved results do not disappear. Lindgren documents the entire process and the resulting written documentation gives you the opportunity to remember the detailed insights of the process. The material also provides you with a basis for an increased understanding of how you and how all humans create our relations to ourselves, to our context, to our goals and to our history.

Phase 3: After the session you will schedule a follow-up session of 2 hours where Sundbom Åström can help you further expand on your leadership in relation to your private and professional systems. Lindgren will here also reconnect with all material and do a short follow-up interview.

Even though the price depends on your needs and goals and will always be decided in agreement during the process of booking, we have a current and fixed price for a half a day session (4-5 h) with a concomitant follow-up session (2 h) including all above for 25 000 :– (SEK) excluding VAT.