How We Work

How We Work
We develop and study leaders, i.e. all who want something more for themselves and for others, who come with or without a formal mandate, and who have a deeper passion for creating peaceful contexts as a precondition for economic, social and human growth and development.

Every initiative is completely unique and is created in relation to both our overarching goal of a world in peaceful development and in relation to the goal of the client. At the same time, we often work in three phases, which are summarised below.

Before Mission (PHASE I)
Annika Sundbom Åström develops her mental, emotional and physical leadership in relation to the customer so that she 1) has a comprehensive, emotionally anchored goal that benefits all directly and indirectly affected, including herself, and 2) has solved all potential valuations in relation to the customer’s characteristics and experiences, which makes both her and the customer free in their collaboration to lead and follow based on their free will. The preparatory goal and relations work of Sundbom Åströms is decisive for her to be able to create extensive results. In other words, it is a necessity in order for her to make sure that the client identifies and reaches her/his goals and solves her/his relations. All of this constitutes the greatest, and also to customers the least visible, part of Sundbom Åström’s leadership development work.

Mathilda Lindgren maps and creates an overview of the client’s observable historical and current contexts, goals, and experiences of peace and conflict, in order to, with the goal of the center in mind, produce relevant, efficient and replicable measurements that can capture changes over time in the customer’s leadership. This work is done with considerable care for producing questions and focuses that to the greatest extent possible contribute to further facilitating and catalysing the personal development of the customer together with Sundbom Åström.

During Mission (PHASE II)
Annika Sundbom Åström leads the way for the customer in the process of identifying, anchoring and achieving goals, transforming relationships and advancing their leadership in an utmost flexible and result oriented manner. In this process Sundbom Åström continuously uses advanced mental, emotional and physical communication using multiple perspectives: that of her own and those of the current, past and future, potential, contexts of the customer. Because Sundbom Åström is always focused on achieving results for the client and because she is so proficient in realising goals, the different techniques and pathways to achieving the goals become subordinate. This implies that exercises, theoretical analyses and other activities during the assignment can and will always look completely different for each occasion. Consistent through each engagement is that Sundbom Åström always delivers.

Mathilda Lindgren stages the research design that she has prepared, often by measuring and observing the customer and other relevant actors before, during and after Sundbom Åström’s work. The questions, tests and information that Lindgren engages the client with and in do not only gather information for future comparative analyses, but also and in parallel educate the client in various research methods. Furthermore, Lindgren documents the collaboration between Sundbom Åström and the customer throughout the process, given the consent of all involved, in the form of either written transcriptions of the dialogue or sound or film recordings. The customer can later take part of these directly, as well as choose to order a comparative and summarising analysis of them (see below).

After Mission (PHASE III)
Annika Sundbom Åström is always available for follow-up and later feedback interaction after a concluded mission or collaboration, as new development potentials can and often do arise with the client when coming back to her/his professional or private contexts. Here further support in the continued leadership development is available to all interested.

Mathilda Lindgren works through the collected material for a comparative analysis in relation to the overarching research questions : How do leders create their reality? How do we expand peace? Here all customers can choose to access summaries of the collected material to get a personal reference material for their continued development––like a receipt for if, how and what has happened in the short run and in relation to the leadership development with Sundbom Åström. Depending on the format of the collected material, you can order a summarising, analytical written report, film or sound file.