Educations and Trainings

Educations and Trainings
Open educations of the center and tailored trainings for clients to advance a leadership for peace, growth and development.


  • Developed self-trust, increased sense of security and safety, clarity and trustworthiness in your leadership in the private and professional life.
  • Profound ability to transform comprehensive and long–term visions into reality.
  • Insight into how all conflicts are solvable regardless of the position, situation or context.
  • Profound ability to create peace in your external relationships based on an advanced mastering of your mental, emotional and physical internal and external communication.
  • Psychologically and physically developed health and wellbeing.
  • Theoretical understanding of the main components of a leadership for peace: goals, relationships, responsibility and communication.
  • Further self-analysis opportunities based on systematic measurements of your personal leadership before and after.
  • Tailored written reference material recounting the full process and dialogue, accessed after each training session.

Method and Setup
Every education occasion is created before, during and after in relation to both the goals of the participants and that of the center. This implies that the course plan and course material is created by Annika Sundbom Åström and Mathilda Lindgren during each training instance in interaction with the participants. Before each course occasion Sundbom Åström makes an extensive investment in her preparation where she, through her own personal development, takes responsibility for anchoring a comprehensive goal for the education and for creating valuation free relationships to each and every participant. This preparatory work is decisive for that the participants with certainty are able to achieve their desired goals and receive guidance in how to resolve conflicts or deepen and develop relationships both privately and professionally. Mathilda Lindgren also prepares before each course occasion by designing efficient measurements of the development of the participants. She takes responsibility for measuring the developments over time by e.g. interviewing the participants before and after each training initiative. After each education Lindgren invests in a comprehensive analysis of all collected material, producing a summary of insights for the access of the participants as well as continuous peace research.

The price varies depending on the goal, work and the result that we create for each unique initiative. We love creating as large an effect as possible with maximally concentrated input for all parties involved. Most important is always the result.

See active open courses for more information on prices.

Active Open Courses

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  • ”Leadership Education for Peace, Growth and Development”
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    (TBD 2018) (In English)