Human Dignity A Center For Leadership is an international center for leadership development and peace research dedicated to the advancement of expanded peace, growth and development of the world.

The Core of the Center’s Work
At the center we work on the basis of the conviction that the one who de facto leads a country, an organisation, a company or a family, whether an informal or a formal leader, is the one who creates the conditions for conflict or peace. This does not imply that the leader is bad. It implies that the situation is a direct result of the leader’s relationships to herself/himself and her/his goal. All development is created from some form of conflict, which should not be condemned but rather seen as a potential for development. It is a challenge and a pleasure for leaders to understand that the solution for development lies in the leader himself/herself. All conflicts can be solved, given that there is a will, and the way is through increased awareness of and responsibility for the emotional and the relational. Peace is created through goals that are so comprehensive that they make everybody smile.

The center is based in Sollefteå, Sweden, in a beautiful apartment of one of the town’s 19th century wooden houses on Storgatan 43. This is where most of Human Dignity’s work takes place, but we also travel to give trainings and projects.