It has never been so important than now….

“Everybody can be happier together”

–”There is almost no other time that it is as important as now that we take responsibly for creating community and friendship, with ourselves and our family, at the work place and the regional level, nationally and internationally. This is what will allow us to save this planet.”
Annika Sundbom Åström

If Swedish medical doctor Hans Rosling in his work with global statistics enlightened us about how far we have come in our human development, Swedish Leadership Developer Annika Sundbom Åström takes the next step and develops us in our convictions with unique perspectives so that we can create more community and effectively cooperate for long-term, local as well as global development.

With both contagious playfulness and deep emotional seriousness, Sundbom Åström shows us how we can turn our conflicts into closeness or create even deeper community, with ourselves and each other.

Sundbom Åström has during her fifteen years as a leadership developer worked with hundreds of leaders within the private and public sectors nationally and internationally, helping all from parents to diplomats own their own convictions and consciously and responsibly create new realities for themselves and their contexts for long-term community, development and growth.

Let me show you, develop you.