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Develop your leadership into a freely rotating prism with long term results for peace, growth and development, no matter context.

When you develop your conscious and responsible leadership, as a formal, informal or potential leader from individual to international levels, you learn how to realize visions, transform stones into gold and turn conflicts into community and freedom.

Leadership Developer Annika Sundbom Åström feels your potential beyond your current reality and guides you to your future now. Peace Researcher Mathilda Lindgren reflects your current reality and documents your development for the future.


Course ”Masterkurs i revolutionärt ledarskap” (SWE)
4–10 Feb + 4 Mar 2019




Course ”Master Course in Revolutionary Leadership” (ENG)

26 Nov – 2 Dec 2018 + 14 Jan 2019
18–24 Mar + 24 Apr 2019

”Behovet av ett starkt ledarskap på statsministernivå är mer än brinnande” /  ”The burning need for a strong leadership at the prime minister level” (English translation)
Opinion Piece in Tidningen Ångermanland, published 4 September 2018

Annika Sundbom Åström, Leadership Developer, Education Leader and Author annika.sundbom@www.humandignity.se

With over 30 years experience of leading groups and leadership development initiatives for peace in the health and private sectors, Annika Sundbom Åström leads each individual from her own and unique method. This is a method that builds on an advanced responsibility for the final, extensive result that she herself applies in her on personal development to lead the leaders that she develops. Sundbom Åström has profound insights into and skills in how we create our reality and an outstanding proficiency in teaching these insights and skills to the leaders that she works with, regardless of if they come as leaders for themselves, for their families, their groups, their companies, their organisations or their societies.

Mathilda Lindgren, Peace Researcher (PhD) and Communicator mathilda.lindgren@www.humandignity.se

Based on more than nine years of research on international mediation, dialogue, nonviolence and peacebuilding governance, Mathilda Lindgren produces, documents and analyses the processes and effects of the leadership development always relying on carefully produced designs. At the same time, she develops her research abilities och our shared ways of studying peace and peacemaking, in this way merging the academical with the practical. The written and audio visual material that Lindgren produces contributes both to the further development and deepened insights of the leaders and to our shared expanded understanding of how we create our own reality.

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